What is always included

Real-Time Position Tracking

Shipment tracking via geolocation is always included in Acondev

Alert via Notification to a pre-established contact

Associates an email to the Acondev Device to which you can send reports of the problems detected.

Online Custom Dashboard

We produce a dashboard designed for your needs. Fast, Intuitive and suitable for all devices

Dedicated Customare Care

To always stay in touch, supporting you in reading data or solving any problems.


Temperature, Position, Shock, Light, Humidity, ATM Pressure

Create More Acondev Accounts

Create and share accounts for monitoring goods during transports

Modify Users Restriction

Manage users and their restriction inside the dashboard

Manage More Device

Group more device in order to monitor more shipments at the same time

PDF/CSV Report

Download and analyse all the data gathered from Acondev sensors. All these insights are available in PDF and CSV format

Manage Stops

Define point of departure, arrive and halfway points of the shipments

Manage Geofences

Define geographic area in order to receive an automatic alert when the shipments pass through that point.

Manage Shipments

Create and modify the route of the shipments

We have thought of three options to integrate Acondev into your company.

  • Monthly Rent
  • Road/Ocean Shipment
  • Monthly Fee € 49,70
  • Daily Fee € 1,66
  • Choose your plan
  • Air Shipment
  • Monthly Fee € 74,70
  • Daily Fee € 2,49
  • Choose your plan
  • 12 Months Rent
  • Road/Ocean Shipment
  • Monthly Fee € 39,7
  • Daily Fee € 1,33
  • Choose your plan
  • Air Shipment
  • Monthly Fee € 64,70
  • Daily Fee € 2,15
  • Choose your plan
  • 24 Months Rent
  • Road/Ocean Shipment
  • Monthly Fee € 29,7
  • Daily Fee € 0,99
  • Choose your plan
  • Air Shipment
  • Monthly Fee € 54,70
  • Daily Fee € 1,82
  • Choose your plan

The prices are for single device, VAT are excluded.

Additional services

Active Monitoring

at the customer's request, the Acondev Operations Center monitors the shipment in all its phases. If necessary, it intervenes by applying the previously agreed security rules.

Security H24

Service dedicated to shipments of delicate goods. Acondev, in collaboration with the most accredited Supervisory Institutes, is activated in the event of anomalous events. The police forces upon request.

Acondev Retrieve

The Operations Center can operate, to retrieve the device (s) once they arrive at their destination. Acondev will return to the customer's disposal, ready to be used for a new shipment. The Device (s) can be retrieve independently.


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