How It Works

The Acondev monitoring and control device allows you to know in real time the flow, status, position and condition of goods anywhere in the world. The Smart Tracking Device Acondev, adapts to any logistics solution and type of transport, improving and maximizing the efficiency of services through the Real Time Tracking, alert notifications and analytics collected by the sensors.


The Acondev Device is always in communication with you and the Dashboard 24/7


Wherever your goods are located, Acondev will be able to locate it


Acondev provides useful data and insights to optimize your Logistics at any time

The immediate acquisition of information, enables you to anticipate and resolve critical issues that could have a negative impact on the flow of production and commercial companies. The Acondev Device communicates directly with the digital platform by transmitting all the data detected by active sensors.

Through interactive maps and updated IOT solutions, it is possible with Acondev to improve the performance of the supply chain. The data are acquired "in real time" by specific sensors that detect critical parameters, sending them to the Acondev platform: a dedicated and customizable portal where you can manage, verify and process the flow of information. All data are displayed in tabular formats or with intuitive graphic solutions, such as Interactive Maps for real-time Geolocation of products.

Acondev supports companies in the logistics digitalization process through an integrated and performing system capable of:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve logistics processes in the company
  • Protects the goods during transport
  • Reduces Shipping Costs


The Sensors Acondev

The sensors inside Acondev, record and communicate the thermal, geolocation, humidity, brightness and shock parameters in real time to the dashboard. By setting reference ranges, when these are exceeded, they trigger an alert that is sent to the platform in real time. It will therefore be possible to operate by promptly reporting the problem by securing the goods and transport.

All data will always be available and downloadable at any time to analyze and optimize the processes of the company supply chain.


From the Acondev platform you can know in real time the position via GPS & GPRS signals of your goods both in transit or storaged in the warehouse.


You can keep the temperature under control. By setting reference ranges, you will be notified when these parameters are not respected. Acondev is able to work in extreme temperatures, from -20 ° to + 60 * (Celsius degrees).


The acceleration sensor, sends the alert to the platform when the goods suffer shocks. In this way, damage can be prevented.


Useful for sea transport, the sensor is able to signal the presence of water or excessive humidity.


Placed inside pallets, boxes, containers or packages, the sensor readily detects the change in light and immediately signals it with an alert. It is possible to identify the precise moment in which the goods were tampered with.

Atm pressure

Functional for air transport. The sensor goes into standby as soon as it reaches a predetermined altitude so i twill not interfere with the aircraft systems. At the end of the flight, as soon as it returns to an optimal altitude, it resumes normal operation by sending its position.

How Acondev Monitoring Works

Automatic Alerts: upon the occurrence of anomalous events that do not reflect the set parameters, the system sends an alert to the indicated contacts to the Acondev platform.

Active Monitoring: at the customer's request, the Acondev Operations Center monitors the shipment in all its phases. If necessary, it intervenes by applying the previously agreed security rules.

H24 Security: service dedicated to shipments of delicate goods. Acondev, in collaboration with the most accredited Supervisory Institutes, is activated in the event of anomalous events. The protocols put in place also provide for the intervention of the police forces upon request.

How Acondev Device Retrieve Works

The Operations Center can operate, at the customer's request, to retrieve the device (s) once they arrive at their destination. Acondev will return to the customer's disposal, ready to be used for a new shipment. Alternatively, the Acondev Device (s) can be retrieve independently.


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